In order to participate in the work and travel usa program you need to: 

Be a full time student.
Have an intermediate level in English.

За да участваш  е нужно:

За да участваш  е нужно:

Be willing to visit the States and learn more about the American lifestyle.
Be between 18 and 28 years of age.

I am not a Bulgarian citizen, can I enroll for Work and Travel program?

Yes, you can! The program is open to all full time students enrolled in a post-secondary educational institution in Bulgaria.

Can I travel together with friends?

How can I participate in Work and Travel USA with my friends?

Of course you can! There are no limitations on the number of people that can travel together. We will find positions for you with an employer that is capable of hiring large groups. Another option is to work for multiple employers in the same city – this is a preferred option when the language capabilities of the people in the group differs one from another.

You can travel with friends that you study with but not only. If you want to be in a group with friends that study in other cities/universities you just have to let us know so that we can process your documents simultaneously. We have offices in almost all cities with higher educational institutions in their area, so you don’t have to sign up in the same office. Even more you can travel with a friend that studies abroad, as long as he signs up with us and you plan your travel dates accordingly. The only requirement for students abroad is to be a Bulgarian citizen.

If you are scared to travel alone – don’t be! We can get you in touch with other students that are working either for the same employer or in the same area.

Can I participate in my first  year of study?

Can I participate in my first year of study?
Of course you can! You are already a student so why miss on all the benefits that go along with the title. The Work and Travel program is one of those benefits.
Sign up now and secure a job offer as early as possible but keep in mind that in order to go on a visa interview you need have gone through your first semester final exams, ideally passing most of them successfully.
Can I participate in the WAT program in my senior year?

Can I participate in the WAT program in my senior year?

Of course you can! All full time students, bachelors and masters degree alike, can participate in the Work and Travel USA program, regardless of the year of study. All you need to do to get the visa is having clear plans for your immediate future in Bulgaria after the summer in the States.

When can I travel to the USA?

In comparison to many other counties, where the universities have fixed summer breaks, in Bulgaria each university has its own academic calendar. The American consulate has set a time frame in which you can travel – 1 May – 30 September.
One of the first important steps, right after you sign up for the program is checking with your university whether there are any special rules for students traveling to the US, like an early exams session. A lot of students simply negotiate an individual exam date with their professors, which allows them to travel to the US as early as possible. We would advise talking with your fellow students that have been on the program before how they managed to work around their exam dates. It is important to have a clear idea when you will be able to travel, taking into consideration the date requirements of the employers you want to apply with.

How to enroll in the Summer Work and Travel Program?

We start each season at the begging of the academic year. In order to sign up simply visit the nearest Usit Colours office and carry:
A Student ID card
$50 Deposit
If you haven’t registered online beforehand we will do it together at the office. We will sign the contract and discus in depth all the steps to follow.
Next steps
Securing a job offer – the how to’s, choosing a location, employer and position.
Booking a ticket on the lowest possible fares because we have special offers.
Issuing the work permit/DS-2019 and applying for visa, making everything easy, fast and pleasant.
Completing and Online Orientation prepared by our American partners. Traveling to the USA

How to get the visa?

For your peace of mind, Usit will discuss all details regarding the interview with you the week before it. All your questions and concerns will be addressed by one of our professionals.

Applying for a US visa is unanimously voted as the most stressful moment from the program. After have passed through all stages of the program, securing a job offer and a work permit, comes the time when you dream about „enjoy your summer in the US” coming from the mouth of the US consul.

Actually there is nothing to worry about. The process itself is neither complicated, nor scary. We will fill out all the required forms, gather the set of documents needed and then personally enter them into the American embassy. After that we will contact you with your interview date and time.

In the week before the interview we will invite you to our office to guide you through the process – from entering the embassy and passing through security to the fingerprints scan and the interview itself. We will discuss all the questions you have and will talk about the things we know from experience.

It’s Easy! All you have to do is stay calm, have a positive attitude and put to use your knowledge of the English language.

US Embassy Address: 16, Kozyak Street
Sofia 1408, Bulgaria

Us Embassy Sofia

USIT  go to usa

We are Usit Colours –  the biggest US exchange programs agency in Bulgaria, and GO TO USA is our website, specially designed to present the destination US. Our aim is to  provide you with all the information you need to plan your trip to the US. We would be delighted if you choose us to be your exchange program agency for Work and Travel, Internship or Camp Counselor USA.







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